Ian Stevenson is London based artist. He got involved in amazing projects with brands such as Microsoft, Universal, MTV, Tate Modern, among others. He also has taken part in several exhibitions. His black humor and his particular way to see the world catch our attetion. It was a great pleasure for us doing this collab with him!

Axtor is a highly creative graphic artist from Buenos Aires. He has been working for many years within the Advertising industry serving also as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for many important projects and companies. His amazing superpower create an unique fantasy world and incredibles creatures who have their own life. After his collab we become allies!

ROJI is a cofounder of GUCHAGUCHA. After graduating in fine arts in Kyoto, she moved to Madrid, where specializes her career at the Fine Arts University UCM. After several exhibitions and profecional working, she set up GUCHAGUCHA and is reason why this project is real.

Eduardo Bertone is the the other half behind of GUCHAGUCHA. He is a multidisciplinary artist from Argentina, although he has been living in Madrid since 2000. Working as an illustrator, art director and designer for big international projects. His work appears in countless exhibitions, books and magazines worldwide.